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Tattoos, Tattoo Gallery and Unique Tattoo Designs by Raśl Ortiz

With the constant obsession for creating the perfect tattoo design, SHEGSY offers a wide selection of unique, meaningful and very different to the norm tattoo designs. Browse through the tattoo gallery to see what my tattoos might look on your body or simply download the tattoo art, print it, and take it to your local tattoo shop.

At SHEGSY you will find a wide selection of tattoo designs such as original butterfly tattoos, whale tattoos, tortoise tattoos, elephant tattoos, shark tattoos, fenix bird tattoos, carpe diem tattoos, cross tattoos, initials tattoos, girly tattoos, life tattoos, love tattoos, lower back tattoos, sports tattoos, tribal tattoos, sun tattoos, moon tattoos, incredible surf tattoos and many more. Be sure to use only the highest quality tattoo designs for your next trip to the tattoo shop.

Please contact me if you don't find the exact tattoo design you are looking for or would like to have one of my designs in a different size to the offered one.

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