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infinite love tattoo design
infinite love
5,75cm x 6,35cm


Life is Madness without you - love tattoo design
life is madness
without you

12cm x 12cm


opium  tattoo design
2,12cm x 4,08cm


my love tattoo design
my love
3,95cm x 8cm


eternal bond  tattoo design
eternal bond
10,85cm x 7,51cm


fierce love tattoo design
fierce love
4cm x 11,60cm


lotus flower love tattoo design
lotus flower
5,6cm x 16cm


eye tattoo design
eyes of my life
5,80cm x 8cm


irish celtic heart tattoo
Irish love
7,1cm x 6,6cm


mother's bond tattoo
mother's bond
10cm x 5,5cm


SHE infinite love tattoo design
SHE infinite
15cm x 6,74cm


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Tattoo Designs by Raśl Ortiz

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