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5.05.07 - New surfer tattoo

Check out my new surfer tattoo:

live to the max II surfer tattoo design



2.05.07 - Equilibrium

I present you 'equilibrium', a surf tattoo design which represents the armony and beauty of the sea.

equilibrium sea life surf tattoo design


15.04.07 - New initials tattoo designs

'S' and 'D&M' tattoo designs added to the initials section.


10.04.07 - Sublime tattoo design

Looking for tattoo design of a maori whale? Your search may have finished here: “sublime“.


7.02.07 - Eyes of my life love tattoo

New tattoo design in the love section: “eyes of my life“.


27.12.06 - Extremely sexy tattoo design

Are you a girl in search of an extremelly sexy tattoo design? Perhaps you may want to have a look at 'element of desire'. Below -with the help of Photoshop-, you can see what it would look like tattooed on the groin. The lower back and the rib cage would also be nice body parts for this tattoo design.

modelling element of desire tattoo design


2.12.06 - The tide, new surf tattoo design

You never know what “the tide“ may bring to the shore, and what it may leave behind once it retreats...


17.11.06 - Stonedfish tattoo in the Surf Tattoos Section

I have improved the quality of one of my favourite tattoo designs:- 'stonedfish'. The printed size is now 6cm x 4,2cm.

stoned fish animal tattoo design

2.11.06 - Velocity surf tattoo

1. rapidity of motion or operation; swiftness; speed: a high wind velocity.
2. Mechanics. the time rate of change of position of a body in a specified direction.
3. the rate of speed with which something happens; rapidity of action or reaction.


27.09.06 - Sergio tattoo letters

If your name happens to be Sergio, perhaps you would like to have a look at the last design we have added under the initials section. Can you find all six letters?


29.08.06 - Release, sea turtle tattoo design

I bring you a sea turtle tattoo design that represents the true sensation of freedom; the sensation of freedom that sometimes vanishes when we get immersed in the day to day life of a big city; the sensation of freedom that many people don't even try to rediscover.

release green sea turtle tattoo freedom tattoo design


25.06.06 - La vida es bella

Because life is beautiful: 'la vida es bella' tattoo design.

la vida es bella tattoo design red sun and dancing flower


22.04.06 - Rhythm tatoo design

I have improved the quality of one of my favourite designs:- 'rhythm'. The printed size is now 6,7cm x 8cm.

rhythm tribal tattoo design


15.04.06 - White shark tattoo design

For the shark lovers: 'the comeback'.


22.02.06 - Determination tattoo design

New design: 'determination'.

determination tribal tattoo design


10.01.06 - Beluga whale tattoo design

Another beautiful tattoo design from Raśl of the most majestic animal on the planet: save the whale II.
Not sure about where to have it done? Have a look at our suggestions in the tattoo index page.


9.01.06 - Surfer's luck, four-leaf clover surf tattoo

New tattoo design: surfer's luck


17.12.05 - A must read article before having a tattoo

Added the article You REALLY want a tattoo.


11.12.05 - Whale tattoo design

We present you 'save the whale!!', a beautiful design by Raśl Ortiz. With this design, the artist pretends to make more people aware of the large commercial hunting of great whales, which continues today despite the international ban on commercial whaling.

You can find more information on whaling inside the Save the Whales Campaign @ Greenpeace website.


9.12.05 - Is she the one?

Is SHE the love of your life? I invite you to have a look at my new love tattoo design: 'SHE infinite'.


5.12.05 - Cross tattoo design

I have added 'evolution' to the crosses section, after I having digitalised a design I initially drew in charcoal a few years ago. Brave enough to have it done between your shoulder blades? ;-)
evolution tattoo cross design


19.10.05 - Zambujeira do Mar, surf tattoo design

Again a new surf tattoo design 'zambujeira do mar' added to the surf section.
zambujeira do mar


29.07.05 - New surfer tattoo design

New tattoo design 'way of life' added to the surf tattoo collection.
way of life


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