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what is shegsy?

SHEGSY is the shop window for Raul Ortiz's artwork. SHEGSY stems from the dreams and with the intention of inspiring the people out there so we all feel more alive. The need to express through art, the obsession for the creation of the perfect tattoo design, the abstraction of everyday objects, spectacular landscapes, and incredible animals.... an invitation to an intriguing voyage into this quest for love, understanding and self-awareness.

Currently you can find the following tattoo sections where I hope you can find the tattoo design you are looking for:

Animal tattoo designs
Carpe Diem tattoo designs
Cross tattoo designs
Initials tattoo designs
Life tattoo designs
Love tattoo designs
Lower back tattoo designs
Miscellaneous tattoo designs
Sports tattoo designs
Suns tattoo designs
Surf tattoo designs
Tribal tattoo designs

You can also visit the What's New section to find out what's cooking at SHEGSY, search all tattoos by name to find out the meaning of some of them, or have a look at the testimonials section where you can read what some of the SHEGSY fans think about the artist's work.

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